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Jean-Michel Lavarenne candidat Ahuntsic-Cartierville

Jean-Michel Lavarenne

Jean-Michel is the founder of a software startup in Montreal. His clients include leaders in the medical imagery field, humanitarian disaster relief and Canada’s biggest marketing communications agency.

He is a professional problem solver and implementer of solutions. Because the problems facing our society today all have well-known existing solutions, he wants to dedicate himself to applying those solutions while there is still time. He believes we can succeed if we genuinely apply the required political will.

As a CEGEP student, Jean-Michel was elected executive committee coordinator of the student association. In 2003 he joined the executive committee of the emerging Projet Montreal municipal party. At the time, he chose not to run for city councilor because he wanted to focus on his family and very young children. In the following years he got involved in his community by holding the office of chairman of the board for CPE Villeneuve, the public childcare center where he still holds the record for longest tenure, over the span of his two children’s attendance.

His decision to run for federal office for the Green Party of Canada was initially motivated by his teenage children who have been deeply involved with the Montréal youth led climate movement. These young people feel abandoned by our current political leaders and have been clamoring for action their part to change course and insure a future for the next generations. He felt that it was his duty as a father to respond to that call. The Green Party is the only political group with the necessary ambition and a concrete economic plan to transition our country towards sustainability.

What is at stake now is the future of our civilisation, in all its greatness and with all of its fallibilities. We have an opportunity today to grow into a true global humanitarian civilisation. The other side of the coin is a setback that could take us back to a new dark age. It is urgent that we transform the Canadian political landscape and lead the country on a healthy, just and prosperous path for all the populations.

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